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Jim Starry was repeatedly asked to give some background information.
How could he attain his groundbreaking insights? What is he up to?
Here is an introduction draft from 2007:

Biography/Credentials for Jim Starry

The whole subject of credentials for Jim Starry can feel a bit prickly - indeed it has been a stumbling block through years of efforts to bring various designs into manifestation.

As Jim likes to say, "Who does have credentials for a future that doesn't yet exist?" And, "If current credentials were truly valuable, would we be living with the messes we are in?" Even Einstein said, "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

Indeed, Jim' s way of thinking is arguably beyond the current mainstream enough that there's just not much precedent. At the same time, just beneath the surface, there seems to be a sense of recognition and a hunger for the kind of world Jim proposes and enacts. In other words, it's close enough to the consciousness of so many, that once individuals get a taste of Jim's wavelength, there's generally a quick transition to a new paradigm that somehow fits an unarticulated need, plus a bond that runs deep. A feeling emerges that's akin to sharing a secret society - yet it's open to all and purposefully dedicated to enrolling everyone. Forging these awakenings and connections is actually the enactment and expression of the new paradigm - a world in which we are all connected and sharing in the generation of our own improved future.

Of course there are many stories of visionaries through history who didn't fit contemporary notions of acceptable authority - maybe this is even a defining characteristic for one who can introduce a new pathway, or rock the boat enough for change to occur. For many people, change is not a particularly comfortable process. Perhaps tellingly, Jim Starry is particularly wired for perseverance in the face of resistance. In fact, he has trained himself to see the upside of resistance and negativity in countless instances - so much so that one might wonder if he has any capacity left to even register so-called 'downsides'. As a particular example, Jim interprets an angry response as evidence of the passionate energy available to be channeled into productive use, and the crux place for evolution to occur. This is not to say that he will never accept 'no', though it's not uncommon to feel simultaneously exasperated and intrigued with him. That unusually strong tenacity coupled with acceptance is, perhaps, one of Jim's outstanding credentiaIs.

Given that there is actual work to do in creating a different future, such as constructing efficient public transportation systems and water purification devices, it is helpful for people to be able to trust that designs for such critical functions are viable and dependable. In this vein, the future is now, and it's not unreasonable to look for applicable skills in physics, chemistry, etc. Below is a synopsis of various pertinent experiences Jim brings to the table.

In addition, it is helpful for skeptics to try to understand the nature of insight, revealed truths, and 'natural knowing'. Herein lies an opportunity to leap into new, perhaps shaky territory, for those who are interested. (If you're not, simply skip to the CurriculumVitae below.)

A 1970s summer course at Wellesley titled 'Creativity vs. Intelligence' distinguished between a composer who labored to develop every note of a new piece and one who heard a complete symphony playing in his head, then rushed to write down the notes. What an interesting subject (though notably unfortunate to frame it as an adversarial relationship between creativity & intelligence)! Where do ideas or creations come from?

Jim Starry is gifted with what some call 'natural knowing'. Granted, such knowing may not be accompanied by the realization that other people process differently, or less swiftly. Similarly, articulate communication skills and freedom from emotional influence are not prerequisites for natural knowing, though surrender may be. It's one impressive skill or talent in the gumbo of life. In fact, in Jim's case it's accompanied by dyslexia and other disturbances. Ironic as this may be, it demonstrates the need and value for combined skills, bridging the gaps between people of different backgrounds to create synergistic alliances. It helps explain Jim's interest in gathering people to work with him, and bis fondness for the notion about two or more gathered allowing for an infusion of Spirit.

So, with all the valid reasons to dismiss claims of revelation, and the ongoing need to discern truth from delusions, can we account for the remaining value of 'unsubstantiated' insights? In Jim's case; these are technologies received as complete designs pictured in the mind or delineated through an internal guiding voice - leading edge concepts that arrive at unpredictable and sometimes inopportune times, requesting his audience. They clearly relate to Jim' s training and interests, yet come with the understanding that they are meant as gifts for the world at large to share. If this occurred for you, would you feel any motivation to promote these designs?

With advances in physics that point to multiple simultaneous realities, and the powers of attraction to create such realities, plus computers which function by wireless connection and energy stored in bits of rock (silicon chips), could we be approaching a time when revealed solutions will be accepted, even welcomed, as at least as valuable as what laboring human minds might devise? After all, if we consider the intricate sophistication that underlies the entire world we inhabit, indeed the very consciousness with which we perceive - doesn't it seem at least plausible that such intelligence which engenders human minds and all of Nature -might have some direct way to communicate with those minds, and something meaningful to offer our continuing development?

If this seems too 'way out', consider practicing 'Beginner's Mind'. When we suspend judgment and the need to understand - at least long enough to humor the presenter - we relieve ourselves of the burdens of conditioning. Only then can we open to all possibilities, and perceive each experience as completely new. This does not imply blind faith, only removing the blinders of pre-conditioned awareness and self-limitation. If we are willing to see our own belief systems as products of conditioning rather than facts of reality outside ourselves, then new growth is possible. 'New physics' also demonstrates that an observer influences any observed activity, as in an experiment, and vice versa. Therefore 'reality' is not actually the solid, unchanging condition we might have thought. Here's an exercise you might try: allow a teaching communication to reach you from some element of the natural world. A natural teacher might be a plant or rock or insect -let a connection come from some source.you might not easily or habitually gravitate towards, Just ask for the experience, and give some time and space for it to - develop. Practice the feeling of being one part of a richly conscious physical world. At one level, appreciation for natural knowing requires the development of your own intuitive skills.

A National Academy of Sciences study about the way mental training can alter the structure and function of the brain offers tasty morsels to contemplate. In tests at the Dalai Lama's home between novice meditators and Buddhist monks with over 10,000 hours in meditation practice, striking differences occurred. While novices showed a slight increase in gamma activity, most experienced monks showed extremely large increases of a sort that had never been reported before in neuroscience literature. - Gamma waves are thought to underlie higher mental activity such as consciousness, and to signify neuronal activity that knits together brain circuits. The results suggest that mental training can bring the brain to a greater level of consciousness. Also intriguing, brain scans during 'compassion' meditation (generating a feeling of loving kindness toward all beings) revealed activity in the circuit of the brain that switches on at the sight of suffering, as well as regions responsible for planned movement. This suggests the monks' brains were oriented to aid those in distress. One monk (with a Ph.D. in genetics) said: "It feels like a total readiness to act, to help."

So what does this have to do with Jim Starry? Or yourself? Well, at least there is some evidence that brain structure and function can be altered intentionally, and that points to opportunities for communicating and perceiving in manners beyond the standard. Ultimately, it provides some hope that we may be able to change our course enough to save the planet, and ourselves, from wanton destruction. -

Back at the mundane level, Jim Starry does have quite a bit of practical training and experience. He is quick to point to the mentoring of his father, a 4.0 mathematics student at Drake University, who encouraged tinkering and inventing in a large home workshop from the time Jim was five years old. Their household included back issues of Popular Science from the 1920s, which functioned as another prime educator. This upbringing set the stage for a lifetime of self-education and unconventional methods; Jim was not much enamored with school. He tends to view conventional schooling as limited to

conditioned responses, rather than liberating into expanded awareness, and that orientation is reflected in his formal credentials.

So, with a resume and a personal style that weren't cultivated to be ingratiating, Jim and - his design offerings have met with limited acceptance ... until recently. Perhaps the times are becoming desperate enough, or enlightened enough, that conventional means are giving way to new possibilities. Perhaps Jim's style is shifting, and perhaps his previous efforts have finally accumulated enough merit in scrutinizing eyes. In any case, - increasing numbers of people are asking for his input, wanting a book to refer to, and are variously involved in the blossoming of long-held dreams.


That said, here's a synopsis of pertinent qualifications (March 2003):

To one of the people who perhaps holds the last possibility:

... So that you will not feel that you are my trial run, here is a partial list of the people who, in the past fifteen years, have spoken in favor of the Starrport.

Under the assumption that we are on a crash course to continually bomb for oil, unless a solution is available, I've been in regular contact with Jan Brecht-Clark at Homeland Security who agreed to bring the plan to the president's attention. She in turn has spoken with Tom Ridge at Homeland Security, General Bruce Lawyer, and the President.

At Aspen Institute I spoke with Barbara Walters who said the Starrport is "definitely an environmental solution, but I don't know what I could do-", to Margaret Thatcher, and Senator Tim Worth.

A colonel at the USAF stated that the Starrport is definitely the airbase of the future as did Paul Day of Channel 4 in Denver.

Channels 7, 9, and 2 in Denver also covered the Starrport as the solution. In the meantime Denver International Airport was built. It has since been noted as having the fewest on time flights in the country and millions of miles of commute pollution have been added to the worlds' air while people drive to other Colorado airports. DIA also played the major role in bankrupting United Airlines.

I have written more than 51 articles on safe, efficient, oil-saving airport design. I have spoken with people of the highest authority in the media and the government. I have presented for the World Bank, Aspen Institute, USAF, FAA and dozens of other groups, individuals and organizations.

To a person, the Starrport has been proclaimed the "design of the future." But despite title and position, not a single soul has felt he or she has enough power to make the difference. I have worked my way through the authorities at Oakland's Port Authority who stand on the brink of signing contracts that will double Oakland's dependency on oil and increase all that we dread - air pollution, water pollution, land destruction, and the ill-health of thousands of children.

The alternative is a Starrport - an airport built at half of the cost using 1/3 of the space, with 4x the revenue of any conventional airport.

A Starrport carries in the wave of the future; a future where we have all we need, all we want, and we sustain our abundant environment in the way it would like to be cared for.

Please tell me, can you help the future begin now?


Jim Starry
Economic Development Thru Environmental Design (ED-ED)

(And from another leaflet by Jim Starry:)

Why should it be so hard for you to allow me to reduce your child's asthma, save your Bay, and keep your sons from dying in a war for oil?

I've been asked numerous times to quote my credentials and demonstrate several fuel-saving designs that will end war, repair the United States environment, and economy while re-establishing the U.S. as a clean and caring world leader.

It was asked that I do it in three short paragraphs. Here goes.


House Bill 2107 provides for building 2,000 larger U.S. airports. (There may be hundreds in China, in Mexico, etc.) If done under current U.S.-FAA design, three things will result.
1) a doubling of U.S. fuel dependency,
2) constant war for fuel, and
3) guaranteed global warming.

Convenient Solutions:
Build Starrports, an airport design which if built at the 2,000 proposed U.S. expansion sites will save 80,000,000,000 gallons of fuel yearly, making war for oil unnecessary.
Check out the 2001 August/July issue of www.worldwatch.org for the article "Airports and Cities: Can They Co-exist?" and Earth Island Journal's Autumn 2001 article "The StarPort".
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Starport ]
Starrtran mass transit systems will take 50% of air travelers out of the skies because ground transportation would be faster and more economical than flying.
Drive with an auto emissions system (6k' prototype) "that you can drive your car to clean the air" ©1987, called STEM ©1989 that has a Systematic-Temperature-Elimination System that would take your auto further on existing fuel while cooling, re-oxygenating, and clearing emission.

This invention seems comparable to PremAir used since 1999 in Volvo cars and since 2003 in a few BMW and Toyota models. Engelhard Corporation as the producer and developer of the coating for radiators which converts ground ozone to oxygene was bought by BASF. This mega-chem concern is now responsible to introduce it on a wide scale. - Unsollicited, in Jim Starry's name,
I submitted a FastCompany magazine entry for the 2004 Fast 50 challenge. It was followed in January 2005 by a commentary on the StarrPort:

All the above inventions and designs would end global warming and show the world that we are caring and good world leaders.
Credentials (earlier version)
Raised by a father with a straight 4-point out of Drake University. From the age of five I was building solutions and inventions in the basement of a large mansion with my father as my teacher. Highschool (Des Moines Tech). Earned 1,705 hours of aviation training. USAF electronic and radar training. College- Colorado University, Cornell at Mount Vernon, Northwestern University. I found college a place to remember the past, but having little to do with changing the future.

- Worked at Martin Marietta on Titan. USAP commendation for work leading to actual liftoff. National Center for Atmospheric Research. Designed launch systems for Polarascope-GT Sheldahl. May have created printed circuit miniaturization leading to chip theory. Worked on Ghost System. Global Horizontal Sounding System. Created weather monitoring at constant milabar levels to lead the world weather prediction capabilities. (Reference: Michael Glantz (303) 497-1000)

- Spent twelve years working on unimplemented design of Denver International and aspects of other airports. Spent the last thirty years working to awaken the population to the worsening condition and the solutions for spaceship Earth. Have written over fifty articles, built prototypes, was awarded Best Speakers Award in 1992 from Colonel Swint at the USAF Academy. All the listeners avowed that if they "ran the zoo" they would use Starrport designs to build an airport/airbase. Presented at the World Bank. They said if I got the developing country on-line, they would support the design.

Thank you for your attention. As you can see I've accomplished this in less than two pages. I have been forced to watch Denver International Airport fall apart and put United Airlines out of business. The current "experts" reachable by phone are still questioning the basics of my design - gravity - while providing for destruction of the US economics and environment.

You have two choices - to put the solutions in print, or have our children [and elders] in a war against asthma and other nations for oil.

Your actions will decide the future.

(So far the leaflet by Jim Starry.

Join him / us in causing a world that is worth to live in. Please allow him to contribute, respect his copyright and honour his genius. As you certainly understand, the proposed solutions have a myriad of aspects, to just copy one little bit of it is worthless. He as the inventor needs to be involved in all stages of the development, and abundantly rewarded. As he stated above, he worked some 10 years on Denver International Airport designs. The working half (for example, parallel runways for the first time used deliberately at DIA, now applied in new airports all over the world, still uncredited and unpaid!) is his design, the other half has bankrupted two major US Airlines... The experience that was harvested in this endeavour is invaluable. Slowly, the key people begin to understand these hidden potentials. The FAA for instance stated back in 1995 that all his designs are valid!)

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