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Eco-footprint and Cradle-to-Cradle Promotion


A wide choice of carbon footprint calculators are readily available. We have tested a few, and here are our comments.



Takes about five minutes, for personal use. For individuals, and you will get some suggestions at the end to reduce your footprint as well as the possibility to sign up for the WWF.



Not a very accessible calculator, but lots of related information in all kinds of situations.



Needs about five minutes. In several languages, for all countries. For individuals. Very well done, intelligent questions and selective answers. Looks quite realistic, and offers all kind of advice and background information. Beautifully designed.



Well-formulated questions with a wide choice of possible answers. Takes almost 10 minutes, but at the end, a number shows up which is not explained. You can take a pledge and sign up for information. Impresssive media and features gallery (videos, wallpapers, etc.)



Five different areas where you can calculate your CO2. Handy set-up with countries as continents, and with choice buttons for daily, weekly, monthly or yearly values. Possibility to offset your carbon right away.



Short (five minutes) or long version possible. Colourful website with good design and thoughtful questions. The website states: Data modelled by the Stockholm Environmental Institute, which could explain why this calculator feels professional.


Most calculators above are suited for private households only. There are some services, free or paid, that offer an estimate for businesses.

Because of the multiversity of data in the professional field, research and a good advice will need an investment in time. Businesses can save energy and reduce their waste on a wide scope. The choices to be made are far-reaching, the savings can be substantial.

Recyclus will analyze your specific situation and advise you with tailor-made solutions.
Mail us for a quote.


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