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Eco system implementation

What we Intend

1. Advanced knowledge: Meeting with 'thought leaders' from a variety of sectors, including inventors, business, academia, media, artists, non-profit, and government.
2. Best practices: Referencing the latest insights regarding highly effective businesses, non-profits and social-change models and strategies, with a particular focus on inspirational works, practical solutions, youth engagement, and communications.
3. Sustainable progress: To translate and document the latest sustainability science, and to guide visioning for the next decade and beyond.


Desired outcomes for the long term

To establish a clearer understanding of the future we wish to help create, three interconnected and interdependent long-term outcomes can be pictured.

Outcome #1: NATURE - Resilient and diverse natural systems. Interdependent non-human and human life support systems are no longer in decline through species depletion, loss of forests, accumulations of toxics, climate change, etc. The inherent non-financial values of 'wilderness' represent all habitats and ecosystems, species and genetic diversity.

Outcome #2: HUMAN SYSTEMS - Living within the limits of Nature. This outcome addresses our quality of life (transportation, energy, food supply, manufacturing, water and wastewater, making cities workable, etc.). These systems all use nature-based inputs (ecosystem goods and services) and energy, which inevitably creates waste. We envision systems that are based on natural laws, or use models like Natural Cycle, Bio-Mimicry and Cradle-to-Cradle.

Outcome #3: JUSTICE - The opportunity to meet basic Human needs. When human justice is lacking, nature suffers. Meeting basic human needs, fair and adequate access to resources or environments, allows healthy living for all (e.g., free of air pollution, toxic pesticides, oxygene depletion, etc.). The impacts of environmental degradation are minimized. All-encompassing solutions leads to genuine wealth (i.e., not just financial wealth), human rights and responsibilities, plus global equity considerations.


Our values, characteristics and competencies

To achieve the outcomes and strategies outlined above will require specific organizational characteristics and competencies. We intend to demonstrate the following:

• Model the change we want to see.
• Actions address both short-term and long-term outcomes.
• Stay independent and non-partisan.
• Act in a financially sound manner.
• Our focus is local as well as international.

We will demonstrate the following organizational competencies:

• Act as a catalyst for social change.
• Work with and through diverse networks, alliances, and partnerships.
• Be exceptional communicators, bringing meaning and sense to everyone's work.
• Demonstrate disciplined execution and follow-up.
• Strategically select projects and stimulate wide application.
• Develop and advocate appropriate policies.
• English and Dutch are our main languages, German can be offered.


A critical choice - focus over the next 10 years

Living Neighbourhoods. In communities, engaged citizens are empowered to live healthier, more fulfilled and 'just' lives. Models like 'Transition Towns' lead to transformation of infrastructures, which includes energy, transportation, water/wastewater and food systems.

Transforming the Economy. Vibrant economy stimulates progress towards increased well-being, fairness and quality of life, but increasingly recognizes and responds to the finite limits of nature. This leads to a more productive, low carbon economy that demonstrates efficient resource use, technological innovation and closed loop processes.

Protecting Our Climate. To avoid dangerous climate change, an intelligent combination of different technologies will achieve a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Reconnecting with Nature. Special focus on youth engaged in active, experiential learning that inspires and reconnects them to their profound interdependence with nature.

The future has many challenges and many opportunities. We hope you will join us in working toward a world in which humans can find their place in nature and in which resources are shared in an equitable and sustainable way. The next 10 years will not be easy, but they will be exciting. By working together with you, we strive to make them years of progress rather than crisis.

(These guidelines are derived from the work of www.davidsuzuki.org)



Our Services
- Brainstorming partners
- Workshops
- Lectures
- Research
- Networking
- PR and Marketing Support
- Event Monitoring
- Follow-up for Initiatives
- Model Cases

for governmental organizations, industrial branch associations, PR- and Marketing firms, regional / national political and lobby parties, research centres, academies, etc. (fee: Euro 150,-/hr excl. BTW)


Price quotes for projects on request.


Please contact us for more details and a quote. You can reach us at: info@recyclus.com